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This photo shows a confident working bartender that has mastered all the mixology, ingredients, tools and techniques, that go into making delicious cocktails with repeatable quality and tight portion controls. (© nomadsoul1/123RF photo)

You are about to discover the secrets to making delicious cocktails and martinis.

This website is for people who want to make cocktails, be a bartender, or try their hand at mixology. It could be for home entertaining, a career choice, or just for fun.

It starts with bartending basics, but it also introduces you to mixology, covering advanced topics and techniques, should you decide to explore further. To work through this website like a bartending school, start with the tools, then the ingredients and finally the techniques. Then practice using our union standard cocktail recipes.

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Standard Cocktail Recipes


So you might be wondering, what’s the difference between bartending and mixology? Comparing a bartender to a mixologist is like comparing a cook to a chef. Both take skill and patience to master, but they are different paths.

The bartender must be good with people, well organized and confident behind the bar. The objective is to create memorable drinks, of the highest possible quality, even when faced with multiple orders and guest requests, be it at a backyard cocktail party, or in a high volume bar like a nightclub.

The mixologist can tend the bar, but not necessarily in a production environment. They strive to further their craft by creating their own syrups, bitters, liqueurs, tinctures and infusions. They experiment and combine flavors, creating new experiences, balancing alcohol, sweet, tart and bitter elements.

Is it possible to be a both a bartender and mixologist? Yes, it is. All mixologists can act as bartenders, but not all bartenders want to become mixologists.

The better bartenders understand mixology. They understand the flavors and nuances that go into a well crafted cocktail, along with some history and stories behind the spirits. It can be a life long quest, that brings endless rewards and discovery.


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