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Hey Bartender!

Get in touch with Mikey the Cocktail Buff. Got an idea, a request, a correction, or just want to yak spirits and cocktails? I’d love to hear from you. Just fill in the form and I’ll email you back. Chat soon!

You can reach me @CocktailBuff on Twitter. You can ping me dynamic888 in Vancouver using Skype IM. You can also drop me an old school Voice Mail at +1 (360) 450-5880.

Want to know more about my background, or this website? Check the About the Cocktails page, and the About Michael W. Campbell aka Mikey the Cocktail Buff page. There’s also a lot of great stuff on the Cocktail References page.

Are you looking for the corporate legal stuff? You can find the Legal and Policies page here and the Privacy Policy page here.


Mikey the Cocktail Buff