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How to Be a Bartender

These articles guide you through all the popular techniques and methods that are used to mix drinks like martinis and cocktails. It includes how to get started, how to set up a home bar, bartending basics, how to mix drinks, and tips for working as a bartender.

Cocktails 101 – To start making cocktails, there’s no need fancy or elaborate equipment. You probably already have the basic tools. Here’s how to take everyday kitchen items and repurpose them for mixing drinks.

Stocking a Home Bar – Here’s a guide to the most popular spirits and ingredients. With just a few items, you can start mixing hundreds of different cocktails. There’s also a strategy to build up your liquor collection, according to your taste, a bottle at a time, without spending a lot of money.

Home Bar Types – Get ready to entertain! Here’s the full scoop on liquor cabinets, portable dry bars and built in wet bars. It covers the advantages and disadvantages of each. How to prepare and use a dry bar, including how to manage ice, water and waste. It also discusses the merits of a wet bar and getting a bar custom made.

Using the Jigger – A fast and furious free pour will satisfy guzzling bar hoppers, but not the guests at a cocktail lounge. To impress your guests with delicious drinks, you need quality. The first step to quality is repeatability. That’s why we measure everything. This visual guide shows you how to wield an unmarked jigger like a true cocktail hero.

Bartending 101 How to Mix Drinks – This is where the booze hits the shaker. You’ll be shown the four main ways of mixing drinks, that every bartender must know. How to use the cocktail shaker like a professional. When to build, stir, shake, or blend. Plus, the proper terminology and language of the bar, so that you sound like a professional when you step into action.

Professional Bartending Techniques – Easy to master tips from the pros, with decades of experience, including heating and chilling glassware, speed spouts, speed rails, muddling, rimming glassware, double straining and more. There’s also the essential order of steps that once memorized, ensures perfect cocktails every time.

Top 10 Benefits of Bartending – Bartending is one of the most fun and rewarding careers on the planet. You’re everybody’s buddy and it’s easy to make long lasting friendships. You can make more money than corporate executives. Have a party every night where you’re the host. And never have to seek romance again. Here are the top benefits of bartending.


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