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Alt: This home bartender is demonstrating the classic inverted shaking technique. (© andreyzaretsky/123RF photo)

This bartender is using the classic inverted shaking technique.

You won’t need to buy everything on this list to make cocktails at home. But you will find all of these at any decent cocktail lounge. It’s a good idea to have tasting parties with your friends. Try them all and keep notes, to see what you like best.

List of Modifier Liquors

The following list introduces a number of modifier liqueurs. The most popular ones were reviewed earlier but you’re likely to wonder about some of the others. This will give you a ‘one liner’ as to what the spirit is. Tasting them is up to you.

Absinth – herbal and aniseed flavored liqueur

Advocaat – creamy egg yolk and brandy based liqueur

Amaretto – Italian ‘almond’ liqueur from apricot kernels

Amarula – fruity caramel cream liqueur from South Africa

Anisette – aniseed flavored liqueur from various countries

Aperol – herbal and orange flavored wine aperitif

Applejack – distilled apple cider, or apple brandy

Apricot Brandy – domestic sweet apricot liqueur

Aquavit or Akvavit – herbal and caraway flavored spirit

Baileys – Irish whiskey and cream liqueur

Beer – yeast fermented beverage from malt and hops

Benedictine – strong flavored herbal liqueur from France

Calvados – French apple brandy aged in oak

Campari – sweet herbal aperitif based on bitters

Chambord – raspberry liqueur from France

Chardonnay – dry white wine named for the grape variety

Chartreuse – yellow or green, brandy and herb liqueur

Cherry Brandy – domestic cherry liqueur

Cointreau – colorless, bittersweet orange flavored liqueur

Creme de Banana – domestic or imported banana liqueur

Creme de Cacao – brown or clear domestic chocolate liqueur

Creme de Cassis – black current flavored liqueur

Creme de Menthe – clear or green domestic mint liqueur

Creme de Violette – purple, violet flower flavored liqueur

Curacao – blue, clear or gold colored orange liqueur

Drambuie – scotch and herb based liqueur from Scotland

Dubonnet – sweet, herbal, red wine aperitif from France

Eau de Vie – clear fruit brandy in various flavors

Frangelico – hazelnut flavored liqueur from Italy

Galliano – herbal, vanilla, licorice, banana, liqueur

Grand Marnier – orange and Cognac liqueur from France

Grappa – raw, young, harsh, brandy from Italy

Peter Heering (Cherry or Peter) – medium sweet cherry liqueur

Jagermeister – herbal liqueur from Germany

Kahlua – coffee, vanilla, flavored liqueur from Mexico

Lillet – sweet, wine based citrus & herbal aperitif from France

Maraschino – intensely sweet liqueur made from sour cherries

Ouzo – colorless anise flavored liqueur from Greece

Overproof Rum – rum with high 50-70% alcohol percentage

Parfait Amour – domestic purple colored vanilla liqueur

Peach Schnapps – domestic peach flavored liqueur

Pernod – anise aka licorice flavored liqueur from France

Pimm’s #1 – gin based herbal liqueur from England

Port Ruby – fortified red wine not aged in wood

Port Tawny – fortified red wine aged in wood barrels

Prosecco – dry, fruity, white sparkling wine from Italy

RumChata – rum based nut cream liqueur with spices

Sambuca – anise and licorice flavored liqueur from Italy

Schnapps – sweet, fruit flavored infusions, or brandies

Sherry – a style of fortified white wine from Spain

Sloe Gin – gin that’s flavored with sloe aka blackthorn berry

Southern Comfort – Bourbon flavored whiskey liqueur

Stout – strong, dark beer, including the famous Guinness

Tia Maria – strong black coffee flavored liqueur from Jamaica

Triple Sec – clear domestic orange flavored liqueur

Vermouth Dry – white wine based herbal aperitif

Vermouth Sweet – red wine based herbal aperitif

Wine Champagne – French sparkling wine from Champagne

Wine Red – red grape juice, yeast fermented, aged and bottled,

Wine Sparkling – domestic wine infused with CO2

Wine White – grape juice, yeast fermented, aged and bottled


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