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Cocktail Recipes A-Z – Most of these recipes are union standards. They are mixed with simple, easy to find ingredients. They provide portion control, cost management, scalability, and consistent quality.

Top 50 Cocktails in the World – Ever wondered which cocktails are the most popular? We harvested search engine data, using a scientific approach, to come up with the definitive answer. Think you know the #1 cocktail? Take a guess and go look. The answer may surprise you.

About the Cocktail Buff Recipes – Before you get started, stop by the About the Recipes page. It explains why these recipes work, how they scale, simple syrup and some terminology. If you’re brand new to bartending, work through this website like a course, in this order; Bartending Tools, Cocktail Ingredients, Bartending Techniques, Recipes. If you’re looking for info about Michael W. Campbell the author of this website, it’s here, Mikey the Cocktail Buff.

Master Drink Themes – A Master Drink Theme is one recipe that’s used to create many cocktails. Usually they are ordered by the name of the base spirit, but the process for creating all of them is identical, so if you learn one, you’ll know them all. This guide will help you become a star of the bar.

Tips for Mixing with Vermouth – Drinks like the Martini, Rob Roy and Manhattan have a secret code. They can be made dry, perfect or sweet. By default, the Martini is always dry. The Manhattan and Rob Roy are always sweet. This guide demystifies the long held traditions of professional bartenders.

An Old Fashioned Cocktail Story – The Old Fashioned isn’t a cocktail at all. It’s a method. Thanks to reliable steamship travel in the mid 1850s, the new fangled vermouth was getting mixed with everything. People got nostalgic about “old fashioned” cocktails and the name embedded itself in culture. But how did soda water and muddled fruit creep into the recipe? Find out here.

A Brief History of the Sling – The Sling predates the cocktail, which by definition are bittered slings. First the Sling was a cold drink, then a hot one, then a horrid concoction in the 1980s, then reborn as the classic Singapore Sling. The original was created at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore around 1915. Only trouble is, they forgot how to make it. Could the current Raffles recipe really be the 1930 Savoy Straights Sling?


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