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These articles guide you through the various bartending tools, utensils, glassware and gear. With this insight, you’ll be able choose the cocktail shakers, jiggers, and bar equipment that work best for you.

Bartending Gear – This first guide helps you navigate the vast array of bartending tools, so you can get the essentials. It’s an in depth look at the cocktail shakers, jiggers, strainers, bar spoons, muddlers, speed pourers, juicers, and other tools that you need to mix drinks.

Tools & Utensils List – You won’t need everything on this list for home entertaining, but you’ll find them all at any professional cocktail bar. Get your lingo up to speed fast with these quick one line descriptions.

Bar Cleaning – It’s not the most fun, but its gotta be done. No one wants their home to smell like yesterday’s party. Get the inside scoop on all the different bar mops, towels, bottle brushes and mats, plus handy tips for cleaning them all, including the carpet. There’s also a little secret for getting rid of lingering odors.

Bar Equipment – This is what separates casual cocktails from the serious bartender. You’ll get the low down on juicers, blenders, fridges, coolers, ice makers and plenty more pieces of hardware, for hosts who love to entertain, or just impress with their home bar set up.

Bar Equipment List – Quick one liner descriptions of the equipment used by the bartending hero. Gear up your man cave, home bar, or kitchen, with hardware like blenders, ice makers, electric juicers, bar fridges, draft beer systems, beverage coolers, wine coolers, and more.

Ice Handling Tools – Your personal guide to all the ice handling tools that are used to mix drinks. Here’s what you need to know about double walled insulated ice buckets, plus all the scoops, tongs and picks, before you buy.

Cocktail Glassware – Discover which glassware is the hottest right now. There’s in depth descriptions on how to use each glass and for which cocktails. It covers coupes, flutes, rocks, martini glasses and more. There’s also a guide on what to get first, and how to build up a glassware collection for your home bar.

Garnish Prep Tools – Here’s everything you need to get garnishes ready for cocktails. This article takes a deep dive into cutting boards, knives, graters, channel knives, shakers, zesters, atomizers, and more. You’ll also get insight on cocktail picks, straws, swizzle sticks, etc, right down to the cocktail napkins.


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