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Home Bar Equipment List

To show the home bartender the importance of having a bar fridge, so they can tend bar and enjoy the party at the same time.

Keep em cold and within reach so you can enjoy the party.

You don’t need all this equipment for home entertaining. It’s just a brief introduction to a number of items that you’ll find in home bars, man caves and rec rooms. You can look them up, if the machine wasn’t covered in the home bartending equipment section. As always, read the customer reviews before deciding which product is right for you.

Bar Fridge – small portable refrigerator for rec rooms, home bars

Beer Cooler – large refrigeration chest with an easy access sliding lid

Beverage Cooler – display cooler to showcase bottles and cans

Blender – electric high speed mixer for juice puree and slush drinks

Citrus Juicer – spinning electric device used to extract citrus juice

Coffee Maker – to create coffee on demand for cocktails and guests

Digital Scale – small weigh scale used for precise measurements

Dishwasher – built in unit to wash, rinse and sanitize glassware

Draft Beer Systems – keg and CO2 kits for dispensing draft beer

Drink Mixer – rarely seen classic spindle milkshake machine

First Aid Kit – emergency bandages and sterilizer for cuts and injuries

Floor Matts – thick rubber that cushions feet and back, prevents slips

Glass Froster – freestanding, or tabletop device for chilling glassware

Hot Water Dispenser – instant near boiling hot water on demand

Ice Machine – freestanding or table top unit for creating ice cubes

Juicer – electric device to squeeze juice from fruits and vegetables

Liquor Gun – alcohol dispensing system for high volume

Mixing Cans – stainless steel cups for use with drink mixer

Rotary Dispenser – system to hold 4-8 liquor bottles inverted

Soda Gun – soda dispensing system mixes syrup with carbonation

Speed Rail – shelf directly in front of bartender that holds bar liquor

Tea Kettle – small electric vessel to boil water for bouillon and hot drinks

Wine Cooler – thermoelectric coolers for long term wine storage


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