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Bartending Tools & Utensils List

This photo shows tools for mixing drinks, that every bartender needs to be familiar with. (© popovaphoto/123RF photo)

Can you name all the bartending tools in this picture?

You won’t need to get everything on this list to make cocktails. It’s just a brief introduction to a number of items that you’ll hear about. You can look them up, if the tool wasn’t covered in the bartending gear page. As always, read the customer reviews before deciding which product is right for you.

Bar Mop – square white terry towel used for wiping the bar

Bar Spoon – long handled spoon, used with mixing glass to stir drinks

Bar Towel – white hand towel similar to a dish towel for drying hands

Boston Shaker – two piece shaker with mixing glass and steel cap

Bottle Brush – long handled scrub brush for cleaning bottles and jars

Can Opener – manual or electric device for opening canned goods

Channel Knife – cuts citrus & other rinds into long even strips for garnish

Citrus Juicer – mechanical reamer or lever device for extracting citrus juice

Cobbler Shaker – steel shaker with a top, bottom, cap and strainer

Cocktail Napkins – paper protects against scratching, spills and slippage

Cocktail Picks – for holding the garnish together and decorating drinks

Corkscrew – for extracting corks and cutting capsules from bottles

Cutting Board – portable surface for cutting and preparing garnishes

Chef’s Knife – standard cook’s utility knife for cutting garnish

Decanter – glass vessel with stopper that displays and stores spirits

Drinking Straws – hollow tubes for sucking up liquids to drink them

Empty Bottles – handy for mixing syrups and juices ahead of time

Fixed Bottle Opener – wall mount for opening beer and bottles of soda

Funnel – cone for transferring liquids from a large bottles to small ones

Garnish Caddy – multi compartment tray for holding garnishes

Glass Washing Brush – to pre wash glassware to remove citrus pulp

Hawthorn Strainer – holds back ice as drink is poured into serving glass

Hand Towels – cotton dish towels for drying hands after washing

Ice Bucket – insulated vessel for short term storage of ice cubes

Ice Pick – long, thin, steel pick used to break apart clumped ice

Ice Scoop – transfers ice from ice maker, to bucket, or to the glass

Jiggers – small liquid measure for replicating cocktail recipes

Julep Strainer – to remove citrus seeds and mint leaves after mixing

Lewis Bag – heavy bag to hold ice while pounding it with a mallet

Lined Trays – round serving trays with non slip rubber liner

Mallet – wooden hammer to pound ice cubes into cracked ice

Measuring Cup – handy when scaling recipes for large orders

Measuring Spoons – for precise measuring of small amounts

Mesh Strainer – fine sieve capable of removing pulp and tiny seeds

Microplane Grater – for grating nutmeg and spices on demand

Mixing Glass – large tempered glass for building and shaking drinks

Muddler – pestle to mash fruit and herbs to release oils and flavor

Paring Knife – small, sharp knife for peeling, or cutting fruit rinds

Plastic Buckets – handy for storing and transporting ingredients

Plastic Containers – handy for storing all kinds of inert ingredients

Plastic Jugs – handy for storing and transporting juice and liquids

Portable Bottle Opener – usually a multi tool kept in the pocket

Punch Can Opener – for poking holes in cans to drain contents

Slow Pourer – spouts for bottles that enable slow pouring

Speed Spouts – vented spouts for bottles to enable fast pouring

Squeeze Bottle – plastic with narrow spout for dispensing syrups

Swizzle Sticks – stick to hold garnishes and remove carbonation

Tongs – used to pick up single ice cubes for garnishing drinks

Wine Aerator – manual device that adds oxygen to wine when pouring

Wine Cooler – table service vessel designed to keep wine cool

Y Peeler – for peeling vegetables and making wide citrus rinds


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